UAV delivery is no longer a gimmick, smart logistics activates "last mile"

In recent years, the value of data in the logistics industry is becoming larger and larger, and it is no longer news to optimize logistics transportation efficiency through “big data + artificial intelligence”. In the new retail era, "online and next-line goods, service product integration" will affect the development of the logistics industry in a long-term and comprehensive manner. In the future, relying on the shared IT (information technology) platform, everyone, every car, and every idle warehouse can become a shared part of logistics. Logistics resources will be like cloud computing, pay-as-you-go, fragmented Both transportation capacity and storage resources may participate in the social logistics process.

Once, 10 employees worked 8 hours a day and were able to move 10,000-15,000 full-box items. Now, the unmanned robot can complete the workload of ordinary employees in one day in two hours. This is the technological power of the new generation of unmanned warehouse interpretation.

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UAV delivery is no longer just a story of gimmicks, but a real change in the industry, which has injected new power into the logistics industry. China Post, SF Express, Jingdong and other companies have used drone technology and are constantly developing new products.

In any logistics mode, labor is always a key factor. At present, all logistics links can be automated from warehousing to the last mile of distribution. The investment and construction of intelligent logistics has gradually changed the talent demand structure of the logistics industry in the future, and also provided a greater development space for the transformation and growth of logistics people.

Every time a new technology is born, it will make people's relationship enter a new equilibrium state, and so is the era of artificial intelligence. Letting robots work with employees is not only an increase in physical strength and mental power, but also assisting humans in solving problems in another completely new way. In 2019, the new "human-machine CP (couple)" will continue to increase, focusing on core technology, paying more attention to the work of the employees, and the major e-commerce logistics companies will continue to focus on.

In the past two years, various black technologies have been integrated into Chinese logistics at the fastest speed, but the nature of logistics has never changed. The pursuit of changing consumer demand and supply chain efficiency is still the core of every logistics enterprise. The changes brought about by technology will no longer be limited to a certain scene in an industry, but all aspects of the entire chain of supply chains.

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