Entering the trend of intelligent logistics

Intelligent Logistics is a logistics solution driven by artificial intelligence technology. It is an integrated logistics solution for monitoring and managing the distribution of goods through the Internet and artificial intelligence technology. Its purpose is to provide for the distribution, transportation and reception of goods and services. Clean, efficient and adaptive solution. The intelligent optimization of intelligent logistics in the process of logistics and distribution, such as: automatic picking according to the area, automatically picking up according to the nature of the product, thereby optimizing the existing distribution route. It involves the sharing of transport vehicles, the sharing and distribution of logistics personnel, and so on.

Intelligent logistics can improve the efficiency of urban life and the speed of commodity circulation, and is conducive to the development of intelligent, efficient and connected cities. At home and abroad, it is agreed that intelligent logistics is the future development trend. With the development of 5G and blockchain, intelligent logistics will provide more convenience and development opportunities for intelligent logistics.


Intelligent logistics mainly includes the following links:

1. Classification and standardization management of interactive goods

Enterprises must form norms, standardize the classification of delivered goods, standardize management, and form their own commodity management database system to make the receipt and reception of goods more orderly, so as to improve the distribution efficiency of the transportation process.

2. Distribution route and production line of transportation vehicles

Enterprises in the world to intelligently optimize and filter the distribution routes of goods, in the logistics warehouse also need to classify different priority projects, self-rescue into the car. At present, logistics sorting robots are very popular, and the development of RFID and electronic tags is also very good, playing a very important role in the development of intelligent logistics. In the long-distance transportation process, various distribution methods such as sea, land and air can be adopted, and system distribution and management control are required.

3. Software development and support for the system platform

Integration of intelligent logistics system platform: In the future, logistics enterprises must have their own intelligent logistics system platform to cooperate online and offline.

Artificial intelligence analysis system: The primary task of intelligent logistics system is to have strong artificial intelligence analysis capability, data processing capability and system distribution capability.

Distribution Process Management System: Manage the distribution process, product status, delivery status, etc. in the logistics process.

Shipping personnel transceiver management system: Whether it is a courier enterprise or a logistics enterprise, the delivery personnel need to carry out system tracking management.

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