MEGVII leads the new round of logistics industry transformation with AI empowerment logistics industry

At present, traditional automation equipment and robots have played a certain role in the fields of warehousing logistics and factory manufacturing, but they are still a lack of soul equipment, unable to cooperate and can not automatically adapt to business conditions. MEGVII sees the pain point of artificial intelligence when it enters the logistics industry. By introducing HETU, it combines technology and equipment to give the robot a smarter soul.


It is understood that HETU is a set of operating systems dedicated to the rapid integration of robotics and logistics, manufacturing, one-stop solution planning, simulation, implementation, operation, providing multi-vendor and multi-device access for logistics, manufacturing and other industries. Ability and rich robot intelligent management solution. It connects artificial intelligence technology with automation equipment and robots, and divides labor and cooperation. With its ecological connection, collaborative intelligence, digital hygiene and other characteristics, it can effectively solve the industry's pain points and improve production efficiency.

Among them, through the digital generation function of HETU, customers can carry out simulation simulations that are very close to reality and realize “painting and income”. In order to achieve this feature, MEGVII spans multiple technology thresholds such as flexible device scale scheduling and system automatic analysis of data, adapting to business needs. At present, MEGVII is one of the two companies that can arrange more than 300 robots in a single warehouse.

In addition, MEGVII is also committed to building a smart logistics ecosystem. After the release of HETU, MEGVII launched the “HETU Partner” program, announcing that it will invest 2 billion yuan to accelerate the robot scene with its partners.

For upstream equipment manufacturers, with HETU, sales and channel development are easier, and equipment can move to the ground faster; for system integrators, HETU makes their work easier, eliminating the need to look at interface protocols from different vendors and shortening the work cycle; For customers, with HETU, there is no need to connect multiple suppliers, and the maintenance cost can be reduced.

It is understood that the HETU system has been applied in multiple warehouses, which has increased the efficiency of the warehouse by 40%. In another application scenario, HETU and the industrial robot company MUJIN created a hand-foot linkage unmanned warehouse, allowing the robot to have the ability to capture goods, thereby realizing the unmanned process.

In addition, MEGVII is also trying to continue to grow its own ecosystem through capital ties, such as the recent investment of whales B + round of 75 million yuan financing. As the name of the river map implies, under the combination of self-research, cooperation and investment, MEGVII's intelligent logistics eco-layout is slowly spread out like a scroll.

According to industry insiders, artificial intelligence still has great development prospects in the logistics industry, and more high-tech enterprises are required to join in this. The “HETU Partner” program created by MEGVII will lead the industry transformation of the new round of logistics industry. In the future, MEGVII will work with partners to explore the logistics industry and contribute to the development of smart logistics.

Reprinted from the network