Logistics + Intelligence, Huawei Yunfa Smart Logistics Solution

As a leading provider of smart logistics solutions in China, Huawei relies on Huawei's full-stack full-scenario AI solution to build cloud services in a modular manner, and is committed to creating a one-stop solution to help enterprises in all aspects of warehousing, transportation and distribution. Improve efficiency, help the logistics industry to agile innovation, and realize the digitalization, informationization and intelligence of logistics management.

At present, Huawei Cloud focuses on the most common scenarios in the logistics industry, providing intelligent logistics solutions such as anti-violence sorting, sorting path optimization, OCR document identification, transportation path optimization, 3D packaging, IOT platform, etc., to help enterprises improve logistics efficiency and reduce manpower. Cost, enhance business competitiveness.

Based on advanced AI processing technology and video technology, Huawei Cloud automatically recognizes the violent sorting behaviors such as throwing and throwing, and greatly reduces the damage compensation.

The speed and accuracy of express sorting is a key factor in determining the efficiency of express delivery companies. For the sorting process, Huawei Cloud Picking Path Optimization Service can quickly calculate the picking path with the shortest path, the shortest time and the lowest cost based on user requests. Significant savings in labor costs and a low rate of sorting errors.

Huawei Cloud OCR (Text Recognition) service is based on deep learning technology and self-developed patent algorithm. The recognition accuracy is up to 99%. It can realize the speed of recognizing a picture in less than 1 second. It can be widely used in the logistics industry. Quick identification of quality sheets, ID cards, etc. Debon Express and Huawei Cloud have cooperated in the fields of cloud computing and artificial intelligence to help enterprises save management costs and improve accuracy and efficiency through high-precision OCR services. Click on the video below to see how Huawei Cloud + AI is helping the express industry.

Huawei Cloud based on mathematical programming and multi-heuristic heuristic algorithm for scheduling optimization engine library and diversified strategy selection, the developed transportation path optimization service can quickly calculate the transportation path selection scheme with short path, short time and excellent cost. Reduce the idling of trucks, improve transportation efficiency, and reduce transportation.

The three-dimensional packing service relies on advanced mathematical planning and algorithm technology to automatically and quickly plan the packing order of goods, which can get rid of the dependence on the master's handling experience, improve the loading and unloading efficiency and the utilization rate of the car, and ensure the safety of the goods.

The logistics IOT platform developed by Huawei OceanConnect Internet of Things, NB-IoT, RFID and other technologies will carry out big data analysis and visual management of trucks, goods, warehouse assets, berths and other information; the whole process of cargo transportation is visualized, and cold chain monitoring improves transportation safety. And quality; intelligent berthing of park berths, sharing of transport containers, improving utilization of logistics resources in the last mile; digitalization of warehousing management, more intuitive and more efficient.

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