HOC smart logistics solutions help the logistics industry to be more efficient

HOC's smart logistics solutions are in-depth in the industry, based on machine vision, artificial intelligence, logistics cloud, logistics robots and other technical means to accelerate the industry to move toward intelligence.

Digital management

In response to the digital management transformation of logistics enterprises, Dahua Logistics has redefined four objects: “people, cars, goods and fields”. A large number of sensing devices such as AI camera, RFID, GPS, etc., collect current environmental data in real time, realize information dataization through big data, cloud computing and many mainstream technologies; realize real-name system management, behavior abnormal analysis and vehicle real-time based on AI and Internet of Things technology Applications such as online make management more detailed and decision-making more reasonable.

Make vision a productivity

Its self-developed DWS multi-face reading system realizes the functions of OCR barcode recognition, volume measurement, package weighing and data result synchronization, and comprehensively improves the automation level of logistics enterprises; improves the efficiency of manual sorting package and improves the accuracy of package identification; At the same time adapt to a variety of complex environments.


The Dahua Logistics Robot Series effectively solves the problem of rising labor costs in a large number of practical scenarios. During the operation of the site, the AI technology enables the robot to realize adaptive and automatic planning of routes, effectively improving the space utilization and cargo transportation efficiency. At the same time, the products of Dahua Logistics Robot are diversified and more and more Many industries have benefited.


HOC's smart logistics solutions combine artificial intelligence, machine vision, big data, cloud computing and many other cutting-edge technologies to truly solve the problems of high labor costs and low work efficiency. Under the new retail and digital supply chain industry, Digitally open the barrier between technology and resources, build a new industry ecology, share the AI-driven transformation and upgrade bonus

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