Intel and Hikvision create a simple and efficient smart logistics management solution

The intelligent warehousing solution consists of three core modules: warehousing robot, robotic dispatching system (RCS) and intelligent warehouse management system (iWMS). The mobile storage robot is the execution terminal and front-line “detection soldier” of intelligent storage. Haikang pioneered the use of visual and inertial dual navigation positioning methods in robot development. It can not only accurately sort the goods, but also feedback the collected images and position information in real time. When the battery is low, it can also be self-charged. After charging, it will return to work and ensure the operation efficiency.


If the robot is likened to the body of a smart storage system, then the robotic scheduling system (RCS) is the brain of the storage system. The RCS system can schedule hundreds of robots to work together and ensure that the mobile robot always maintains a reasonably orderly working state. Workers only need to perform the necessary operations at the work station.

The intelligent storage management system (iWMS), which is responsible for uploading and releasing the management, integrates a variety of warehousing optimization technologies, which can realize the automatic management of the whole process of warehousing, picking, unloading and inventory of warehousing materials. Effectively open up the raw material warehouse - production line - line tail - the key logistics nodes of the finished product warehouse, making the entire production process efficient and safe.


Smart scan code greatly improves efficiency

With the "smart body" for collaborative work, the "smart brain" is used for reasonable scheduling, and naturally there is also a "sharp eye" - Hikvision's logistics visualization traceability management system. One of the highlights of this system is the machine vision intelligent scanning code, which is to replace the traditional artificial target gun with industrial camera for scanning code, which not only greatly reduces the cost of the enterprise, but also can greatly improve the intelligent processing of the product scanning code. Improve reading efficiency and accuracy. Not only that, in the intelligent scanning code, Hikvision also launched a dynamic retrospective reading solution dynamic traceable code reading solution. This solution uses IP technology networking, which is not only simple and fast, but also has high management effect and scalability. The strong characteristics have laid a solid technical foundation for the future development of logistics enterprises.

Technology landing promotes new industrial upgrading

The needs of each customer in the logistics industry are different, but improving efficiency and reducing costs are the common pursuit of all customers. The smart logistics solution has helped dozens of leading enterprises in the manufacturing, express delivery, e-commerce and other industries to successfully implement nearly 100 projects, and help these enterprises realize the transformation from “Made in China” to “Made in China”.

In the future, new products such as composite robots and unmanned forklifts built on Intel technology will also be integrated into logistics solutions, allowing unmanned to move to high-end shelves and achieving full intelligent machine. Intel will also help Hikvision further improve the smart logistics layout and contribute to smart manufacturing!

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