Under the trend of intelligent logistics, how does the logistics sorting industry change?

With the development of e-commerce, express logistics has become an indispensable role in people's lives. After several years of development, China Logistics has completed the transformation and upgrading from the traditional to the modernization, showing a fragmented trend of individualization, intelligence and rapid response to the market. Under such a trend, as an important logistics, transportation, distribution and other fields in logistics, logistics hardware equipment is in the process of intelligent evolution. The sorting process is one of the important links to accelerate the process of intelligent logistics, and has also made a huge transformation.

1.Conventional sorting equipment

The automatic sorting matrix replaces the manual sorting. The main upgrade is to use the bar code reading device to read the bar code to indicate the ball module belt and the universal wheel to distinguish the cargo direction. Luhui Ball Module with sorting system adopts modular design, which can be flexibly customized according to actual needs. It can perfectly connect various links and equipment, and adapt to various forms of sorting system, such as matrix sorting, straight line roughing/subdivision , AGV robot supply sorting, etc.


2. Intelligent sorting equipment will be combined with information technology

Intelligent sorting equipment combined with data collection and information services can realize the functions of parcel weighing, fast sorting after reading and information recording and interaction. The sorting system can greatly reduce the labor demand in the sorting process, improve the sorting efficiency and automation, and improve the sorting accuracy. With the improvement of big data algorithms, the gradual standardization of express mail information, and the integration of intelligent control systems, the sorting system will become a key link in the logistics industry from labor-intensive industries to intelligent transformation.

3. High speed splitter

Luhui high-speed splitter series (multi-class splitter, heavy-duty splitter, ultra-high-speed splitter), high-speed sorting solution for large-size, heavy-duty, and special-shaped goods, with the highest sorting efficiency 8000 pieces / hour, the maximum sorting package weight 60kg (can be customized to 100kg), the largest size 1 * 1 * 0.8m, not only can sort most of the goods on the market, but also for large pieces, heavy goods, special-shaped pieces Strong sorting ability.


4. AGV robot

The handling and handling costs in China's production logistics account for about 20% of the processing cost, so the company has been improving the automation and intelligent handling technology and equipment. An important sign of the rapid development of the logistics industry is that the process of logistics automation is accelerating. For the logistics industry, the most important hero of the in-plant logistics and automation upgrade is the AGV robot. It is the most automated product in logistics equipment, and it is the most flexible part of the logistics automation system, which covers almost all the logistics equipment technology.

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