Type of automatic sorting equipment - Cross belt sorter

Automatic sorting equipment is a kind of equipment which can import objects from the main transmission line into the designated branch transportation line according to certain rules, and has the function of classifying or reorganizing the objects. The technology and form of automatic sorting equipment will vary according to the main structure and function of the equipment. It mainly has the object transportation, the supply, the sorting main line, the object offline collection heap, the system electronic control and the information processing part composition.


There are many types of cross belt sorter, which is usually a double belt type, that is, a car has two vertical belts on it, which can carry one package on each belt or two belts together to deliver a package.


When the two belts are combined to carry and deliver a package, the direction of the package and the sorting direction can be kept together to reduce the spacing requirement of the lattice by means of the pre-action in the direction of the two belts of the sorter.


The advantage of cross-belt sorter is that the noise is low and the range of goods can be sorted. Through bilateral supply package and lattice optimization, the maximum capacity of a single machine can be about 20,000 pieces per hour. But the shortcomings are also more obvious, that is, the cost is more expensive, and maintenance costs are high.


At present, the main suppliers in this area include FKI, van der Rand, Cinetic, German Berman Machinery, Interno and so on. There are Putian and Shanghai Postcom in China.