The ways to create a refrigerated storage method to meet the needs of Logistics

With the great development of scientific progress, cold chain logistics can be applied to refrigerated storage in different industries. Logistics refrigerated storage plays an important role in the gradual development of low temperature logistics center for the purpose of meeting customer that needs and multi-variety distribution, which effectively ensures that food from refrigerated food in production, storage, transportation, sales to market consumption has always been in the prescribed low temperature environment. A systematic project to ensure food quality and reduce food wear and tear in the market.


Logistics refrigerated storage can be widely used in food factories, dairy factories, pharmaceutical factories, chemical plants, fruit and vegetable warehouses, egg warehouses, hotels, supermarkets, laboratories and so on. Logistics refrigerated storage has its particularity, for example, the requirements for ensuring the quality and safety of transportation products are prominent, product safety is related to people's health and even life safety, the product shelf life is short, and the quality loss is fast, which determines the timeliness of enterprise product cold chain logistics operation, and emphasizes that the diversity of market product logistics environment is determined by the diversity of products and the different requirements for storage temperature and humidity. Refrigerated storage is as an important ling in food supply chain Section, which requires the market product to have traceability.


In recent years, with the development of cold chain logistics distribution industry in our country, the storage of overloaded goods has brought a lot of losses and losses to the logistics industry, so it is a great loss for both the logistics industry and the consumers in the market, so we must be careful.