The points when crane works

As we all know, the use of cranes is dangerous, and the lifting platform itself is heavier, once there is a problem with the lifting platform, it will be irreversible trouble. Therefore, the truck crane not only needs to carry on the strict inspection before the crane operation, but also needs to carry on the related knowledge training, such as the related training knowledge before the operation, the operation attention matter, the following principle and the related inspection and so on.


The lifting platform should follow the following points when working. If the overloading or suspension weight is not clear, do not hang. If command signal is not clear, do not hang. Binding, suspension or imbalance may lead to sliding, so do not hang. If the ground is dark, the site is not good, the hanging object and the command signal are not good, do not hang. When there is no gasket between the hanging angle and the binding line, the crane does not hang. When it is tilted, the structure or parts have defects or injuries affecting the safety work, when there is an embedded object with unclear tension, it does not hang. When it is windy and rainy, the lifting platform cannot work. While the lifting platform creates economic benefits for production, some funds should be invested in the repair and maintenance of crane equipment. As the unit of use of cranes, in addition to strictly complying with technical specifications and the safety procedures of special equipment, we should also attach great importance to its maintenance and maintenance to ensure the smooth operation.