Safe operation of lifting platform

First, when lifting the crane, the hook wire rope should be kept vertical, and the hook wire rope should be prohibited from dragging the suspended heavy object under the inclined state. When the hook has been hung but the crane has not been lifted, the crane is prohibited from moving or rotating.


Second, the lifting of heavy objects, rotation and the speed should be uniform and smooth, so as not to cause danger of heavy objects swinging in the air. Don't be too fast when you drop heavy objects in case they suddenly fall and damage. Hoisting length and large weight should be a special person to pull rope, to prevent heavy objects swing, resulting in accidents.


Third, when the crane works, people who have nothing to do with lifting operation are strictly prohibited to stay on the crane.


Before renting and using the lifting platform, check whether the workplace is smooth and firm, the legs are strong, the operating handle, brake and other operating equipment are flexible and reliable. There is no anomaly before the operation can begin. The driver should be familiar with the mechanical principle of crane, protection rules, safe operation rules, and strictly implement the rules. Drinking or physical incompatibility is prohibited. When working, it is necessary to adjust the wear of wire rope. When the elevation angle of the lifting arm is very large, the lifting object should be reduced to the parking position first, and under the tension state of the sling, the lifting arm should be lowered, loosened and decoupling. When the hook is in the hook, the workpiece must be lifted in the tail direction. When hoisting the equipment, the hoisting test should be carried out first.