Procurement supply chain management

Procurement supply chain management is based on product procurement. Through standardized fixed point, pricing and ordering process, the business relationship between product demanders and suppliers is established, and finally an excellent supplier group is formed, and the procurement of enterprises is realized through bidding, so as to reduce the price of purchased products, improve the quality of purchased products and improve the quality of service of suppliers.


Excellent purchasing supply chain management system


Supply chain management system is an omni-directional enterprise management application software, which can help enterprises to realize the overall automation of the whole business operation. Its main role is to connect enterprises with external suppliers and manufacturers. Together with CRM,ERP, it will form the engine of the core competitiveness of enterprises in the network age.


Supply chain management system is based on the concept of collaborative supply chain management, and cooperate with the business needs of each entity in the supply chain. It makes the business process and information logistics supply chain development system cooperate closely, realizes the docking of each link, and promotes the leading form of logistics, information flow, document flow, business flow and capital flow. To realize the visualization of the overall supply chain, the management information, the management cost is minimized and the overall benefit is maximized, so as to achieve the effect of improving the overall level.