Other types of automatic sorting equipment

Flip-disk sorting machine


The flip-disk sorting machine is used to sort out the package by tray tipping. The sorter is also used in the express industry, but it is more used in the field of airport baggage sorting. The maximum capacity can reach 12,000 pieces per hour. The standard pan sorting machine is composed of wooden tray, tilting device and bottom frame. The tilting machine is divided into mechanical tilting and electric tilting.


Tape float sorter


This sorting structure is used on the roller main conveyor and installs two or more tape or a single chain driven by power horizontally below the main conveying roller. When the sorter structure receives the instruction to start the inch, the tape or chain rises upward, touches the bottom of the commodity back to lift the commodity, and moves it out to the hungry side of the main transportation.


Roller float sorting machine


This sorting mechanism is used for roller type or chain type main conveyor, and one or dozens of power oblique roller is installed below the surface of the main conveyor, when the sorting mechanism starts, the oblique roller floats up, touches the bottom of the commodity, and moves the commodity oblique out of the main conveyor - this kind of floating sorting machine adopts a row of rollers that can rotate to the left or to lift the goods to the left or right.