Maintenance software of large machinery and equipment in factory

With the aggravation of aging in our country, the effective labor force is decreasing, the labor cost is increasing, the production cost is rising year by year, and the competitive pressure of the external market environment requires enterprises to improve the production efficiency, expand the scale, cancel the workshop manual production, and switch to the modern factory of large-scale mechanized equipment and automation equipment. With the improvement of automation degree of factory equipment, the structure of mechanical equipment becomes more and more complex, and a large number of electrical equipment and electronic components are added accordingly. This increases the difficulty of maintenance of the equipment. For a modern factory, without scientific management and correct management means, it will have a great impact on the service life of machinery and equipment and product quality.


Most facilities where CMMS and AMS take predictive maintenance can purchase or develop a dedicated database, commonly known as the asset management system (AMS) or the computer management and maintenance system (CMMS). In order to track trends, database systems should be able to store the following: a list of critical devices, maintenance and measurement steps for each device, maintenance plan schedule, history of each measurement, per measurement limit (maintenance alarm trigger). Many systems will also track warranty status, depreciation records and purchase information, and be able to generate work orders, manage plan schedules, and track employee training history and Related skills.