Logistics opens the era of UAV - Service

At present, many UAV manufacturers have their own flight control technology, most of them have taken a design, research and development, production body, procurement of mature flight control, and finally through logistics packaging, to open up market channels, which is conducive to the rapid start of the company and occupy the commanding heights of the market. However, the different logistics supply chain, the design ideas of manufacturers are different, according to the different users, the adaptation scenario is different, resulting in the aircraft body is very different.


The first three key words to judge the quality of flight control can be understood, and many people will lose their minds when it comes to service. In fact, this is really a particularly important factor, especially for B-side customers. Taking the application of agricultural plant protection as an example, the operation season of agricultural plant protection is from March to October, while the peak season is mainly concentrated in May-August, which requires high intensity, heavy load, uninterrupted operation, and all kinds of faults are inevitable in farmland with large temperature difference, high humidity and complex environment. High quality service needs 7x24 hour to provide uninterrupted technical support, accessories update, debugging guidance, so that users can minimize losses and achieve efficiency, and these professional services are currently only flight control manufacturers can do the best.