Logistics opens the era of UAV - Function

It has to be admitted that the current flight control can not be called fully mature, the probability of blowing up is generally still at a high level of 3% ≤ 20%, but it does not stop our unremitting pursuit of function. Generally speaking, "open source flight control" has a faster response to external functional requirements because of its rich ecology, while "self-research flight control" is more in-depth for functional customization and has a shorter development cycle for systemic functional requirements.


At present, in addition to the basic flight functions, the main functions of flight control include as follow. 

1) High precision positioning and control, that is, our commonly known differential GPS.

2) Automatic tracking of terrain changes mainly used in farmland spraying

3) Automatic obstacle avoidance function can ensure that the flight process does not cause harm to the aircraft. 

4) Flight planning customization, customers can define A / B point flight in the process of use, designated area coverage flight, mission interruption and continuation, etc.

5) Handheld terminal mission planning and monitoring, through mobile phone, PAD, notebook and other devices to issue missions and real-time mission monitoring. 

Remote monitoring and analysis. The carrier network monitors the flight process in remote location and analyzes the running state and fault.