Control system in automatic stereo library

Automated stereoscopic library is the fastest growing storage shelf in recent years, its biggest characteristic is the combination of automated science and technology, and the development of this technology enables automated stereoscopic library to automate the operation. This helps enterprises save a lot of labor costs, and also improve efficiency.


The structure of automatic stereoscopic library is much more complex than the traditional ordinary shelf. Its main body is composed of high-rise shelf, stacker and automatic storage and transportation device. In addition, it also includes a series of operating systems. The function of these operating systems is to control a series of mechanical equipment in the automated stereoscopic library. It can be said that without these operating systems, the automated stereoscopic library can not really play its role.


Among these operating systems, WMS system plays the most important role. WMS system can effectively help enterprises manage the daily planning of warehouse, the classification of goods, inventory and the configuration of employees in the warehouse, and can effectively maximize the resources that can be used in the warehouse. The warehouse staff only need to input the corresponding instructions in the operation interface, and then there will be the corresponding equipment to implement the task, whether it is to pick up the goods, inventory or the transportation of the goods, can achieve the real sense of automation. No longer need to take into account the fatigue of workers, the operation of warehouses can also become more Fast, can bring greater benefits to the enterprise.


Through the application of storage equipment and WMS system and other control systems, the benefits that automated stereoscopic library can bring to enterprises will become greater and greater. Although the cost of manufacturing automated stereoscopic libraries is higher than that of traditional shelves, the benefits that stereoscopic libraries can bring to enterprises in large enterprises are far higher than those of traditional shelves.