Ecommerce logistics management system

E-commerce has ushered in a new era of consumer shopping. Now, people can buy their favorite goods on ecommerce websites and receive them without leaving their homes. People enjoy such a convenient shopping experience, the development of information technology in e-commerce logistics management system.


In the process of social reproduction, according to the law of material data entity flow, the basic principles and scientific methods of management are applied to plan, organize, direct, coordinate, control and make decisions on e-commerce logistics activities, so as to realize the best coordination and coordination of various logistics activities in order to reduce logistics costs and improve logistics efficiency and economic benefits. In short, e-commerce logistics management is to study and apply the law of e-commerce logistics activities to manage the whole process, links and aspects of logistics.


Three management contents of E-commerce Logistics Management


E-commerce logistics mainly manages three aspects, namely logistics process, logistics elements and specific functions. In the process of logistics management, it can be divided into transportation management, storage management, loading and unloading management, logistics packaging management, circulation processing management, distribution management, logistics information management and customer service management. Among the logistics elements, it can be divided into personnel, object of logistics activities, logistics cost management, logistics technical method management and information management. The specific functions of logistics management can also be divided into logistics strategic management, logistics business management, logistics enterprise management, logistics economic management, logistics information management and logistics management modernization.