Development trend of Cold chain Logistics of Agricultural products

The cold chain logistics area is fine: in the whole process of cold chain distribution from producing area pre-cooling, automatic cold storage, the whole cold chain transportation to the end distribution, each process has to preserve fresh products through different temperature areas, and the management has become more and more refined.


Intelligent cold chain logistics operation: warehouse management, transportation management, temperature control supervision, positioning management and so on need to use more advanced information technology to help fresh e-commerce to achieve safe traceability, quality monitoring, order information tracking and so on. In particular, through the use of big data, Internet of things and other technologies can achieve the intelligence of cold chain logistics.


Cold chain logistics operation platform: as the fresh e-commerce enterprises of self-built cold chain logistics have more and more obvious advantages in cold chain distribution, they will provide services for third-party platforms on the basis of satisfying their own business. From the comparison of four cold chain logistics distribution modes, such as self-built logistics, third-party logistics, two kinds of logistics combination and crowdsourcing logistics, self-built logistics can better establish its own competitive barriers and provide users with better "fresh" products, but at the same time, because of its huge cost investment, self-built logistics has become an insurmountable mountain of many fresh e-commerce platforms.