Classification of Storage Logistics Robot

AGV robot: also known as automatic guide vehicle, it is a kind of intelligent logistics handling equipment with high performance, which is mainly used for the handling and movement of freight. Automatic guide car can be divided into rail and trackless guide car. As the name implies, the rail guide car needs to lay track, and can only move along the track. The trackless guide car can turn arbitrarily without the help of the track, which is more flexible and intelligent. The core technologies used in the auto-guided vehicle include: sensor technology, navigation technology, servo drive technology, system integration technology and so on.


Palletizing robot: it is used to stack goods or perform packing, shipping, and other logistics tasks. Each palletizing robot carries an independent robot control system, which can stack different shapes according to different goods. The speed and quality of palletizing robot is much higher than that of manual handling, and it has the advantages of high load, high frequency and high flexibility. According to the classification of motion coordinates, palletizing robots can be divided into right-angle coordinate robots, joint robots and polar coordinate robots.


Sorting robot: it is a kind of machine equipment that can carry out goods sorting quickly. The sorting robot can use the image recognition system to distinguish the shape of the goods, grab the items with the manipulator, and then put them in the designated position to realize the rapid sorting of the goods. The core technologies used in sorting robot include: sensor, objective lens, image recognition system and multi-function manipulator.


AMR robot: also known as autonomous mobile robot, it has some advantages compared with AGV automatic guide vehicle, which is mainly reflected as follow. (1) The ability of intelligent navigation is stronger, the camera, internal sensor and scanner can be used to detect the surrounding environment and plan the optimal path. (2) The flexibility of autonomous operation is more superior, and the transportation route can be adjusted freely through simple software adjustment. It is economical and applicable, can be deployed quickly, and the initial cost is low.


RGV Shuttle: it is a kind of intelligent warehousing equipment, which can cooperate with forklift, stacker and shuttle bus to realize automatic three-dimensional warehouse access. It is suitable for dense storage shelf area, and has the characteristics of fast running speed, strong flexibility, simple operation and so on.