Analysis of the type of cold storage in the distribution center of the trade of agricultural products

1. Air conditioning storage: air conditioning storage refers to the cold storage in which the gas composition and temperature and humidity are manually controlled in order to keep the goods fresh. The air conditioning reservoir consists of two systems: air conditioning and refrigeration.


2. Double temperature storehouse: double temperature storehouse is common in the logistics type cold storage. Because the future operation of users has some uncertainty, the construction of double-temperature storage can ensure the efficiency of the use of cold storage.


3. Fully automatic three-dimensional cold storage: fully automatic three-dimensional cold storage is a kind of cold storage which has been gradually increased in recent years because of its energy saving, convenient management and high land utilization ratio. However, because of its relatively single use function, large single storage space and inflexible operation, some of the three-dimensional cold storage is vacant after the completion of the cold storage.


4. High-precision temperature control storehouse: common in medicine cold storage, air-conditioning storehouse also belongs to high-precision temperature control storehouse. Because the goods stored in the storehouse are sensitive to the change of temperature, it is necessary to control the temperature of the storehouse accurately. At present, the control of refrigeration system is mostly realized by using a pressure regulating valve equipped with a pressure regulating guide valve and an electronic guide valve, and the temperature accuracy of the control reservoir can reach ±0.25°C.


In recent years, China's cold storage has developed rapidly. Statistics show that China's cold storage capacity exceeded 48 million tons in 2017 and will continue to grow in the future. By 2018, China's cold storage capacity is expected to exceed 53 million tons.