One-stop e-commerce logistics management system solution

E-commerce logistics mainly covers warehousing and distribution. In order to improve the order delivery capacity, e-commerce sellers will set up a number of distribution warehouses in China, with radiation different areas, these warehousing nodes have cargo storage, circulation processing, domestic distribution, as well as after-sales service and other functions.


(1) Full function to meet the operational needs of e-commerce warehousing business


The system includes order management (incoming, outgoing, allotment), receiving, quality inspection, warehousing, picking, weighing, packing, electronic surface sheet printing, outgoing, value-added processing, inventory adjustment, inventory, as well as cost accounting and settlement and other warehousing business operation needs of various systems logistics supply chain management.


(2) The business architecture of multi-operation network, multi-warehouse and multi-customer


The system supports the centralized logistics resource planning management of multi-operation network and multi-warehouse, and can realize the unified inventory management of multi-network and multi-warehouse, and help customers to control the global inventory dynamics in real time. Warehouse position management can be combined coding management according to the actual situation, from dot, specific warehouse, storage area, row, column to layer multi-level combination, accurate to product ID management.


(3) Synchronization of merchant flow and logistics with ecommerce platform


The system connects with all kinds of mainstream e-commerce mall system or seller's own e-commerce mall system through a unified application integration platform, automatically accepts orders from each e-commerce platform, and can synchronize inventory according to the situation.


(4) The system carries on the business cooperation with the domestic and foreign logistics channel merchants.


Through the unified application integration platform, the system is connected with the logistics channel merchant system in the warehouse location, and carries on the business cooperation operation such as waybill exchange, face order printing, logistics trajectory tracking and so on.


(5) Intelligent logistics management warehouse


Through the seamless integration of wireless terminal with automatic pipeline and warehouse information management system, intelligent warehouse job management is realized. Convenient and efficient automatic sorting and distribution can reduce the labor cost of warehouse distribution and improve the efficiency of operation.