Methods to improve the efficiency of AGV Robot

Nowadays, AGV machine has become an indispensable part of logistics automation factory, and now with the rapid development of mechanical engineering and warehousing logistics, the scale of automated transport line will continue to expand. Now the automatic transportation line can no longer keep up with the demand, so the market space of AGV is relatively large.


AGV warehousing logistics robot has the advantages of simple and easy to control, strong handling ability, so the demand in the industry should be greatly increased.


First, the integrated intelligent system of AGV warehousing logistics robot


AGV warehousing logistics robot is the cornerstone of automated logistics factory, and it is also the most important link to connect supply and production.


This will connect the production equipment and the materials waiting to be processed, and the AGV warehousing logistics robot will automatically execute the tasks issued by the system after receiving the orders issued by the central system.


Second, specialization of AGV warehousing logistics robot


Now why AGV warehousing logistics robot can be successful in the field of logistics automation, this is because the marketization and professional service of AGV warehousing robot will reduce the problems of logistics handling, and help enterprises save a lot of human resources. AGV warehousing logistics robot can only check and maintain regularly, troubleshoot and replace lost parts and so on.


Third, the development prospect of AGV warehousing logistics robot


At present, AGV warehousing logistics robot is an indispensable and important role in logistics warehousing. By 2015, more than 2600 automated three-dimensional warehouses have been built in China, and in the next few years, the market space of logistics automation transformation in China will reach more than 100 billion.