Logistics equipment-shuttle

Automated Guided Vehicle has become well known in the manufacturing and material handling industries. But the shuttle, as described herein, is based on an apparatus for automatically handling the material in a track-based transportation route.


Shuttle machine is generally used in corridor shelf, corridor shelf because of its high space utilization rate, and is accepted by many storage and transportation units, but forklift into roadway, because of narrow space, there is a hidden danger of shelf collapse. In addition, the use of forklift and manpower handling efficiency is low, the cost is high, the introduction of automatic shuttle machine on the basis of the original shelf, in order to improve the automation level of the whole line production, storage and transportation.


The shuttle machine generally uses the battery as the power, the load can reach 1.5 tons, using remote control operation, and can share a shuttle machine with several roadway. Its application makes the person arrive at the cargo position to become the goods to the person in front of the person, greatly improves the transportation efficiency, and reduces the human and the forklift truck to enter the shelf risk. Logistics is the third profit source of enterprises, and the pressure of reducing cost and improving efficiency has been running through the whole supply chain system. In some industries with good economic benefits, in order to quickly return, warehouse or manufacturing plant flexibility, the goal of increasing production is improved and achieved through intelligent equipment, which is believed to be used by more and more enterprises and logistics companies.


The competition between modern enterprises and enterprises is not only the competition between supply chain and supply chain, but also the competition between efficiency and efficiency. The efficiency of reducing cost will be the focus of future competition. Optimizing management and rational application of facilities and equipment will bring greater profits to enterprises and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.