Logistics equipment - palletizing machine

Automatic palletizer is an integrated high-tech product of machine and electricity, which is mainly to stack the packaged products (box\ bag\ bucket) on the corresponding empty tray in a certain order through a continuous mechanical action, so as to facilitate the handling and transportation of batch products, so as to improve the efficiency of production. According to the different height of the entrance palletizer is divided into: high-position palletizer and low-position palletizer.


The working principle of palletizing machine is that the workpiece on the plate meets the requirements of the pallet, and the plate and workpiece move forward until the vertical plane of the stack plate. The upper retaining rod drops, and the other three positioning retaining rod starts and clamps, and the plate is reset at this time. Each workpiece drops to the trestle plane, the trestle plane is 10 mm away from the bottom surface of the plate, and the trestle plate drops the height of the workpiece. The structure design is optimized and the action is stable and reliable. Palletizing process is completely automatic, normal operation without manual intervention, with a wide range of applications.


At present, palletizing machine is mainly used in food and beverage industry, chemical industry and so on, such as matching in three-in-one filling line, palletizing all kinds of bottles and cans and bags. The automatic operation of palletizing machine can be divided into automatic entry box, rotating box, sorting, stacking, moving heap, lifting pile, loading and unloading, etc. Using palletizer can achieve the efficiency of 25 / 70 cases per minute (membrane packaging), and can be completely docked with the high-speed production line.