Key factors for site selection of high standard warehouse

Even if the high standard warehouse market shows a huge demand gap, enterprises should consider the location carefully, because the warehouse is heavy asset operation, so we can not blindly invest because of the scarcity of resources.


01-Geographic location


High standard warehouse is logistics real estate, and there is a classic saying about real estate, that is, "Location, Location, Location." It is very important to choose the best geographical location warehouse. The product is stored in the area near the customer and can meet the requirements of timely delivery. The automobile whole plant requires the raw material supplier to set up the warehouse around the factory area in order to realize the incoming logistics requirement of the whole garage Just in Time or Just in Sequence.


02-Storage requirements


For hazardous materials, flammable products and food, many enterprises require the warehouse to have strict storage and fire-fighting facilities. Do you choose whether the warehouse is able to meet the unique storage needs of the product? How to properly handle the products in need of chemical foam fire-extinguishing mechanism? Is there a stream and a pond around the warehouse? These issues are raised prior to the site selection to help guard against risks, or to reduce losses in the event of a disaster.


03-Availability and cost of public utilities


Public services include infrastructure such as water, electricity, gas and the Internet. The refrigerated warehouse is very dependent on power and water, and the automated warehouse is dependent on the Internet and communication services. When you select a warehouse, we will not only check the availability of the utility, but also check all related costs.