High-standard warehouse is high efficiency

The fundamental reason for enterprises to choose high bid positions is cost and efficiency. Although the proportion of logistics cost in GDP in China has dropped to about 15%, there is still a gap of more than 50% compared with Japan and developed countries in Europe and the United States. Apart from the factors of economic structure and transportation cost, warehousing cost and efficiency are also one of the reasons why the total cost of logistics is high.


At present, the area of high standard warehouse in our country is about 49 million square meters, and the whole supply is in short supply. On the demand side, with the rapid development of e-commerce retail, e-commerce giants represented by Ali, JD.com and SUNING are all building their own logistics system, through their own logistics to improve distribution response speed and service quality, to provide users with a better consumer experience.


More e-commerce enterprises choose the way of light asset operation and outsource the business to the third party logistics company, which indirectly stimulates the market demand of high standard position. Some high-end manufacturing industries, such as the automotive industry, are also keen on high-standard positions, such as VMI and JIT/JIS, to improve inventory turnover. On the supply side, due to the shortage of storage land supply, coupled with the difficulty and high cost of traditional warehouse transformation, high standard warehouse has become a scarce resource. According to the calculation, by 2020, the demand of high standard warehouse in China may reach 1.4-210 million square meters, while the supply quantity is only 5606. 0-66 million square meters, in the foreseeable future, the domestic high-standard market will continue to exceed demand.