High-standard warehouse

A high-standard warehouse refers to a "high-standard storage and logistic equipment". The high-standard warehouse is the modern warehouse of the "tall", and the "high" refers to the height of the building, for example, the net height of the single-layer floor is up to 8 meters or more. The "big" refers to the large area, and the total area of the warehouse can reach over 8000m2. The "on" is that the supporting facilities are all aligned, including the fire protection system, the safety monitoring system and the hardware with the implementation of the warehouse automation.


At present, e-commerce retailers, high-end manufacturing and third-party logistics are the main tenants of high-bid positions in China, with an average annual growth rate of 5 to 20 percentage points.


Due to the late start of modern warehousing industry in China, most of the warehousing facilities were built before 1990. The type of warehouse is mainly traditional warehouse, accounting for more than 80% of the total warehouse area and more than 90% of freight throughput in China. The traditional warehouse is difficult to adapt to the requirements of modern logistics operation. The main problems are that the area of the traditional warehouse is generally less than 4000 square meters, the net height of the floor is less than 7 meters, there is no standard ground paint and lighting roof, it is difficult to expand the function of the warehouse, the building structure is unreasonable, the storage category is limited and the land ownership is not clear. In order to further improve the level of warehouse automation, continuously reduce costs and improve the overall logistics Efficiency, many enterprises are considering the choice of high-standard positions.