Four types of common picking methods

Artificial seeding picking


Operation mode: take the order as the unit, and each order picks the goods once.


Advantages: the operation method is simple, the delay time is short, the responsibility of the picker is clear and easy to evaluate, and there is no need to carry on the classification operation after picking the goods. It is a more traditional picking method, which is suitable for the picking processing of large quantities of orders.


Disadvantages: when there are more categories of goods, the picking path is longer and the picking efficiency is lower. When the picking area is large, it is difficult to carry.


Pick-up DPS picking


Mode of operation: rely on the PDA system to select the goods for each order one by one.


The difference between picking and picking by hand: the information is transmitted without paper in the process of DPS picking and picking, and the picker selects the goods as long as the information indicated by the system.


Advantages: this method is more accurate and faster, reducing the labor intensity of pickers.


Artificial seeding selecting


Mode of operation: assemble multiple orders in a certain period of time into a batch of goods according to the type of goods, all by manual selection of goods, according to each customer order for distribution processing process.


Advantages: when the number of orders is large, this picking method can significantly improve the work efficiency, shorten the distance of walking and handling when picking goods, and increase the number of picking per unit time.


Disadvantage: the disadvantage of this method is that the single order can not be operated, it must wait for the order to accumulate to a certain number before it can be processed uniformly, and the order processing has a certain delay.