Factors for site selection of high standard warehouse

01-Rental cost


Cost will still be a key criterion in selecting the location of the warehouse. The supply of warehousing land in Shanghai is becoming increasingly scarce, with an average rental rate of more than 92%, while land prices and rents are rising year by year. Due to the imbalance between supply and demand, the daily rent level of Shanghai high standard warehouse is 1.48 yuan / square meter, which is a huge cost for tenants. In Suzhou, Taicang and Jiaxing areas around Shanghai, the distance is less than 100 kilometers, but the daily rent level is only 68% of that of Shanghai, so it has become an option after demand spillover.


02-Labour availability, labour skills and costs


Labor availability, skills and costs are directly related to the structure of the population at the location of the warehouse. With the gradual disappearance of the Chinese population dividend, the labor force becomes an important factor to select the high-scale warehouse. Higher labor availability makes it possible to provide the enterprise with sufficient human resources. The more colleges and universities the city has, the more high-quality talents it will be able to provide. The logistics has no longer been a simple hand-held shoulder-carrying operation in the past, and a large number of professionals are required to implement the modern and automatic operation of the high-standard warehouse. The number of key universities in Nanjing, which has 985 colleges and universities, which is second only to Beijing and Shanghai, and the number of key universities is second only to Beijing and Shanghai. A continuous high level of staff.