Equipment commonly used in logistics conveyor

Logistics industry includes logistics express delivery, medical distribution and supermarket distribution. Logistics industry generally requires durable conveyor, because of daily high load operation. Therefore, logistics express industry application is more cost-effective belt conveyor and drum conveyor.


There are many loading and unloading vehicles and lines in logistics, so they are more used in climbing conveyor. According to the layout of sorting center, there is generally a circular main line, so more 90°turning conveyor should be used.


Most of the express parcels are carton, and online weighing and bar code scanning may be used for package information. Logistics industry generally implements standardization, and each sorting center equipment has replaceable and urgent.


With the continuous upgrade of intelligent logistics system and its comprehensive application in various fields, the future logistics conveyor will become simpler and simpler, and the role of human will be weakened more and more. Just as humans invented cars and planes, human speed and endurance have become less important to a traveler.


For each enterprise, accurately expressing their needs and then following the advice of professionals are the most effective and feasible way to meet the challenges of the future, and it is also the easiest way to meet the challenges of the future.