Three key factors to promote the development of warehousing logistics

At present, China is in the stage of warehousing and logistics upgrading, and is constantly upgrading from mechanization to automation and intelligence. The reason is that the rapid development of e-commerce and logistics industry has driven the demand for smart warehousing. As a result, many equipment vendors are actively transforming into system integrators, seeking quality customers and new profit growth points to transform. In the field of intelligent warehousing, intelligent sorting equipment, AGV, storage and other intelligent conveying equipment are increasingly used, which has become a key link to improve warehousing efficiency.

1. Sorting system flexibility

The realization of the flexibility of the logistics system is a very obvious development trend in the logistics equipment industry. The specific segmentation of the transportation sorting system is mainly reflected in the modularization of production design. In order to realize this field, Luhui has introduced modular products and customized services, which not only meet a variety of fast and convenient installation requirements, but also shorten the project planning and installation time, plug and play, standardized The components are easier to install and later maintained, and the flexible design allows the customer to flexibly adapt to the site and actual needs. At the same time of flexibility, the use of warehousing can also do its best to exert its kinetic energy.


2. AGV technology

In the development of the era, AGV has gradually cleared its application direction. In recent years, it has developed rapidly in e-commerce, warehousing and logistics platforms. In the past few years, the industries with large frequency increase have mainly sustained the release of market demand such as e-commerce, express delivery, new energy and medical care, and have adopted e-commerce, logistics and storage AGV and AGC products. In 2018, sales of AGV robots are expected to exceed 18,000 units, an increase of over 40% year-on-year. In the field of warehousing and logistics, AGV technology has also played an important role. In the existing warehousing efficiency statistics, it has been continuously rising in recent years, and all of this has the credit of AGV technology.

3. Stereoscopic automated warehouse

Warehouse operation automation is an important way and means of efficient logistics operation, and an important trend in the development of logistics industry. A new concept derived from it is an automated three-dimensional warehouse, which consists of a shelf, a roadway stacking crane, an inbound and outbound workbench, and an automatic transport (out) and operational control system. The realization of these automated operations is not only the application of various logistics machinery and equipment, but the logistics information technology application.


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