Application of Big Data Technology in Smart Logistics Supply Chain Management

The application of big data technology in logistics supply chain management can improve the flexibility of logistics supply chain. Through big data forecasting analysis, intelligent and visualized smart logistics supply chain management can be realized, which greatly improves customer satisfaction and creates differentiation. Logistics services, and can quickly control the possible risks in all aspects of the supply chain, providing customers with safe operation guarantee.

In the smart logistics procurement, through the big data collection and capture technology, we capture a series of data such as supplier data, purchase batch batch data, and purchase cost data, and use the big data calculation processing technology to establish an optimal order quantity decision model and risk evaluation index system. In order to determine the best ordering plan, realize the visual management of various potential risks in the procurement process, so that the management can understand and control the risk points in an intuitive way, and achieve the purpose of reducing procurement costs; using big data technology in the production logistics process, It can collect and process the data in the production process, and control the whole production process through data, so as to better guide production and reduce unnecessary waste of resources in the production process; use the big data technology to collect consumer behavior data in the sales process. Historical seasonal sales, climate weather, consumer transaction data, useful information from social media, location of user location display, published content, etc., real-time analysis of these data, related promotions, change at any time Product layout Provide a reference value for the stock of its own kinds of goods.


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