Application of Big Data Technology in the Management and Control of Smart Logistics

In the context of big data, smart logistics business data includes bulk commodity data and retail commodity data. The application of big data in commercial management can make intelligent decision-making on commodity management in time and space, scientifically manage the circulation nodes and circulation channels of commercial objects, and control the flow of goods in real time.


The flow of goods flows dynamically. The logistics companies use big data technology to capture the producer data, supplier data, commodity market data, commodity flow data, commodity flow data, consumer purchase data, and consumer behavior habits. , competitor data, etc., using distributed storage, cloud storage technology, SQL / NoSQL technology to integrate data management, classification of data according to the classification of structured data, semi-structured data, unstructured data, through cloud computing Technology, parallel processing technology, network technology, etc. process data, establish mathematical models about commodity flow flow, circulation structure, etc., analyze relevant indicators, and then use correlation analysis, cluster analysis and other big data analysis and mining techniques. Find out the indicators that have the greatest impact on the flow of goods and the circulation structure, and eliminate the indicators of interference analysis results, and get the optimal solution to adjust the circulation structure of goods to rationalize, control the flow of goods, and the core of commodity circulation. Node and flow channel real-time System, in turn, can also predict future product demand, open up new markets, expand the scope of business, to achieve the refinement of commodity circulation process visualization control.

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