The future development trend of smart logistics

Data empowerment supply chain

The supply chain is the expansion and extension of logistics. The logistics supply chain mainly involves logistics links such as procurement logistics, production logistics, and sales logistics. It will generate massive data in all aspects. In the era of big data, the data is empowered by the supply chain, and the core business services are mainly for logistics links such as procurement logistics, production logistics, and sales logistics. The procurement logistics link is mainly based on the existing information of the system platform. There are big data drivers to select the right suppliers and propose the procurement requirements. The suppliers complete the distribution according to the time and delivery method of the procurement requirements. The production logistics links utilize the key technologies of smart logistics. Organize and control logistics activities and information such as material management, logistics operations, and logistics system status monitoring in the production process; sales logistics is the last link of the logistics supply chain. In the smart logistics situation, the information of the goods is automatically perceived. The device senses, sells the shipment, and the shelf can automatically identify and report the movement of the goods to the system. The user can also access all the information about the goods through the cargo tag access system.

Strengthen international data connectivity

Under the background of big data development, we will jointly strengthen the rational planning and optimization of the layout of modern logistics networks; open up data bottlenecks between inland logistics and international logistics, and realize production enterprise data, customs data, port data, highway data, and stations. The seamless connection of data provides state tracking data such as international cargo document delivery and cargo customs clearance, which is convenient for enterprises to track logistics throughout the process.

End empowerment upgrade

The continuous development of express delivery has put tremendous pressure on all aspects of logistics. However, with the increase of transportation capacity, various automatic and semi-automatic sorting equipments and electronic waybills have been put into the transportation link, which has eased the pressure of sorting and transportation. At present, the eyes of logistics and transportation have all been concentrated in the delivery of logistics, and the intelligent express cabinet has undoubtedly become an important force to ease the pressure of delivery.


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