Smart logistics information push technology

Through the use of mobile communication networks, the Internet, unlimited sensor networks and other network transmission technologies to provide hardware support for information push, while in the context of big data, the intelligent logistics information collection process transforms the physical "object" into information and data transmission to the network environment, Then, through the communication network, wireless or wired network, the sensory information is transmitted to the intelligent logistics application platform. Through the information transmission technology, in the process of intelligent logistics operation, the information is transmitted to the "person" and the information is processed and applied accordingly to ensure Information data can be correctly transmitted between people and objects or things, thus completing complex interactions in the process of information transmission.

(1) Smart logistics information push based on supply chain

Based on the supply chain of intelligent logistics information push, that is, through the real-time control and push of logistics information, the supply chain business is efficient and fast. Among them, based on the JIT technology and concept of pull production, it is applied in smart logistics. From the aspects of raw material procurement, product production and sales, it avoids the lack of supply chain supply or oversupply, and between production and transportation. Coordination, high inventory and so on.

(2) Product-based smart logistics information push

In the Internet economy, in order to achieve the "customer-centric" requirements, under the condition of accurately analyzing the supply and demand relationship and the flow of goods flow, we strive to meet the individual needs in the published content, that is, to select the matching for the user in a targeted manner. Its consumer psychology and customary commodity information. The smart logistics information push based on commercial objects completes the process of providing consumers with appropriate product information according to consumers' shopping habits and consumption trends.


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