Hardware and software factors affecting fresh-keeping storage of fruits and vegetables in cold chain logistics

1.Storage equipment

The quantity and quality of storage equipment and its layout and control management mode in the warehouse, storage and transportation tools have a positive impact on the preservation of fruits and vegetables. Choose cold chain storage equipment suitable for refrigerating and freezing methods and processes to ensure that the cold chain storage environment meets the requirements of ambient temperature, humidity, gas composition, sanitation, etc. At the same time, cold chain storage equipment should be informatized, networked and intelligent. The combination of modern warehousing and logistics services such as automation will form a complete storage and storage system for fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping cold chain and its management system.

The quality of the storage equipment and the standardization of its management will affect the preservation period of fruits and vegetables in the fresh-keeping cold storage of fruits and vegetables. Because the temperature and humidity environment in the cold storage warehouse fluctuates frequently, it will speed up the metabolism of fruits and vegetables, thus accelerating the corruption and deterioration of fruits and vegetables.

Poor quality of storage equipment, slow cooling, poor thermal insulation performance, shelf layout and storage of goods hinder the normal flow of cold air, etc., will cause frequent temperature fluctuations and uneven temperature distribution in the warehouse, which is not conducive to long-term preservation of fruits and vegetables. If the cold storage management is not standardized, the time for opening and closing the warehouse is long, and it is easy to cause fluctuations in the storage temperature, or there is no regular sampling to eliminate the corrupted fruits and vegetables. In the closed environment of the warehouse, it will cause cross-infection of other high-quality fruits and vegetables and spoilage.

2. Handling equipment

The handling function of the cold storage is similar to that of the normal temperature library. However, due to the special environment of the cold storage, the equipment has low temperature resistance requirements, including the external materials of the equipment and the specific selection requirements of the internal original equipment.

Commonly used handling equipment include pallet trucks, forklifts, AGVs, shuttles, hoists, and stacking machines. In general refrigerated warehouses, pallet trucks and forklifts are used more and more. With the increasing popularity of automated handling equipment, the use of shuttles, AGVs and stackers and their associated conveyor lines and hoists are also increasing. .

3. Management Information System

The cold chain storage management system for fresh-keeping storage of fruits and vegetables generally includes functional modules such as product warehousing, storage, and inventory. The vegetable fresh-keeping logistics center operated by a third party can also customize and develop relevant functional modules, such as: cargo owner management, commodity management. , board management, warehouse management, contract management, flexible price adjustment management, settlement and collection, handling management, warehouse floor plan, etc.

4. Artificial conditions

The control elements of human conditions include: management mode, express delivery and care for food. Among them, some factors are mutually influential and need to strengthen training and standardize the behavior.

5. Other conditions

The biochemical characteristics of the stored articles, the cooling method and the refrigerating process conditions, such as the artificial adjustment of the ratio of O2 and CO2 in the cold chain storage environment, to slow down the physiological effects of the fresh products and the speed of biochemical reactions, and prolong the shelf life of the stored articles.

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