The intelligent road of warehouse automation equipment

The AGV robot is equipped with an automatic guiding device such as electromagnetic or optical, which can travel along a prescribed guiding path, and has a safety protection and various transfer functions. Its rise is rooted in the Kiva robot.

Kiva Robots began using QR code navigation in 2003. In 2012, Kiva was acquired by Amazon for $775 million. Since then, technology more than a decade ago has become popular in China, making it the most popular navigation method for AGV today.


The AGV is characterized by wheeled movement and is similar to rail transit. Although AGV now has expensive pain points, but with the popularity of 5G commercialization, the cost of use will be greatly reduced. Yan Xuefeng, deputy dean of Suning Logistics Research Institute, believes that each AGV robot has its own "brain" (chip), and the price is about 80,000 yuan. If the 5G technology is mature, the future can be managed through intensive management. The Central Brain manages hundreds of AGV robots to reduce costs.

In 2016, machine vision and face recognition began to be commercialized. The intelligent robot AMR, which relies on computer vision, is gradually becoming familiar. The AMR name is similar to that of AGV. However, AMR is inseparable from AGV in terms of core technology and operation mode. The difference.

First of all, AMR is similar to automatic driving. In the dark, AMR's sensor - the camera is its "eye"; secondly, there is no need to lay the track, no need to modify the environment, the degree of flexibility is higher, so the deployment cost of the warehouse is lower. Now that 5G enters the commercialization stage, Qiuou, founder and CEO of Smart Technology, believes that under the blessing of 5G, the communication bandwidth is larger, the real-time data feedback is stronger, and the synchronization will be realized in the second or millisecond.

The intelligent AGV forklift includes a pallet forklift AGV, a wide-legged forklift AGV, and a footless stacker AGV. The logistics turnover for stack pallet goods consists of hydraulic lifting system, differential drive system, PLC control system, guiding system, communication system, warning system, operating system and power supply. It is a hydraulic lifting and PLC control. Program the wirelessly guided automatic guided car.

At present, China's forklift sales ranks in the forefront. After entering 2018, the forklift industry still maintains a strong trend. In the first four months of 2018, the cumulative sales of forklifts was 196,600 units, an increase of 21.42% year-on-year.

Since the picking and stacking of goods by workers is a mechanical and repetitive movement, the automatic picking system mentioned above greatly improves the efficiency of picking. Similarly, under the ever-changing advancement of technology, the robotic arm is also evolving. Compared with the human arm, the biggest difference between the mechanical arm lies in flexibility and resistance.

At present, most of the storage items are manually transported during the transfer and transportation. Especially when the goods are unloaded on the transport vehicle, there is a lack of a storage robot for loading and unloading goods quickly. Therefore, some enterprises have used intelligence in storage for the above problems. The idea of a robot. However, from the perspective of the overall market, the use of robots in warehousing still needs to be developed over a period of time to further improve accuracy and flexibility.

UAVs are currently not widely used in the field of logistics, mainly in the end of the distribution process, storage.

In the warehousing, the drone is small and flexible, can shuttle back and forth in the middle of the shelf, and is equipped with a camera device to connect with the control center to transmit the data back to the control center. The staff of the control center can distinguish according to the color returned by the drone. Whether the shelf goods are placed accurately is not only accurate and efficient, but also saves a lot of manpower.

In addition, in addition to the inspection function, the storage drone also has the function of carrying goods, as well as the task of collecting data, monitoring inventory, operating the forklift, and updating the company's warehouse management system.

The financing events of smart logistics companies are growing. The total number of financing events in 2010-2018 is 403. According to the specific financing that has been disclosed, the total amount is 71.16 billion yuan. The reversal of market demand and the pursuit of capital have made logistics equipment more digital and intelligent. In the future, there is still a way to go about how logistics equipment can improve automation, stability and flexibility.

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