China's micro-network linked to the Internet of Things platform: helping the smart cold chain logistics explosion

At present, benefiting from the rapid expansion of industries such as electric commerce and fresh retail, cold chain logistics is welcoming the trend of rising. In 2018, China's cold chain logistics market reached 303.5 billion yuan, an increase of 48.5 billion yuan over the previous year, an increase of 19%; China's cold chain logistics demand reached 180 million tons, an increase of 33 million tons over the previous year. Growth of 22.1%.

Undoubtedly, as one of the “technical + basic” facilities of e-commerce, retail and fresh industry, the quality, efficiency and comprehensive services of cold chain logistics are increasingly favored and valued. In the process of production, storage, transportation, distribution, distribution processing, sales to consumer terminals, the ability to keep products in constant temperature or low temperature environment is becoming an essential condition for the industry chain core enterprises to survive in the industry; The maturity or not may be a prerequisite for seizing the market at the time of the wind.

Therefore, it is not difficult for us to understand the current heavy weighting of traditional logistics companies to this branch, as well as cross-border players such as e-commerce giants such as Alibaba, Jingdong, Tencent and other Internet predators, have brought capital and upstream and downstream resources to the cold chain logistics .

As an excellent cloud communication platform and solution service provider in China, Weiwang Tonglian's IoT service platform has achieved close cooperation with three major operators, Huawei, Alibaba Cloud and other head manufacturers, and is constantly cultivating in the direction of IoT solutions. Among them, for the Internet of Things + cold chain logistics, the "cold chain logistics integrated monitoring system" specially built by Micronet Tonglian has become one of the existing forces for the large-scale development of the smart logistics industry.

It is reported that "Micro Network Tonglian Cold Chain Logistics Integrated Monitoring System" is an open positioning supervision platform integrating GPS/temperature detection technology, electronic map and wireless transmission technology. It can realize effective tracking and positioning management of cold storage resources, and integrate positioning information with business resources of enterprises. The system not only provides an efficient and flexible management tool for refrigerated enterprises and field personnel, but also creates a new and efficient scientific mode of management control for refrigerated enterprises.

For the fresh food, food, medicine, electronics and catering industries, the “Micro Network Tonglian Cold Chain Logistics Integrated Monitoring System” is applicable to the collection, transmission, recording and over-limit alarm of the temperature data of all relevant links in the cold chain. The ideal solution for transportation, warehousing and sales chain monitoring. Take the one-to-many communication requirement of the transportation link as an example. One host in the system can connect more than 50 terminals. In the cold chain car compartment or cold storage, the temperature of each point is not completely uniform and uniform. For example, the temperature of the air outlet is low, the cargo may be no problem, but the deviation of the door may occur, and the system may have multiple points. Monitoring greatly reduces the error rate of data collection and achieves full control of the temperature of different positioning points.

In addition, through GPS and GIS technology, the system monitoring center can locate and dispatch the container vehicles geographically; through the supporting management platform, the user can also customize the temperature threshold, and the over-limit device automatically alarms...

The intelligentization of cold chain logistics has become an important feature of modern society. Although the current cold chain logistics lacks upstream and downstream overall planning and integration in some areas, the formation of a large-scale intelligent cold chain system is just around the corner. The realization of the integrated cold chain logistics information and the comprehensive scheduling of the needs of the various parties not only greatly enhance the information interoperability, sharing and utilization, but also promote the development of multi-party collaborative business models in the Internet of Things era. The realization of this aspect requires more joint efforts of IoT service companies such as Micronet.

“Micro-network communication cold chain logistics integrated monitoring system” is still in the stage of continuous construction and iteration. At the same time, the enterprises that have been undertaken on the platform have fully supported the new technologies of the cold chain logistics industry. And innovation, the future will inevitably through the IoT technology, cloud communication, cloud computing and artificial intelligence and other related technologies to achieve intelligent data collection and analysis, further improve transportation speed and save labor costs.

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