Falcon Logistics drones settled in DHL Americas Innovation Center

Recently, DHL is opening its grand opening in the Americas Innovation Center in Chicago, USA. The center showcases DHL's new concepts and technologies in freight forwarding, including robotic arms for automatic sorting of goods, intelligent automated trucks that can follow freighters, and augmented reality glasses that can display goods and locations to train employees. Virtual reality training software, and intelligent technology cabinets and logistics drones and other black technology.


Below, let's take a closer look at the new logistics technologies demonstrated at the DHL Americas High Tech Innovation Center:

Logistics innovation technology gathered

Falcon Logistics UAV

Falcon logistics drone adopts 4-axis 8-paddle multi-rotor structure, full backup multi-redundancy design and intelligent safety flight control algorithm, which can realize vertical take-off and landing, accurate positioning of visual recognition, intelligent planning route, fully automatic flight, real-time network scheduling. The express delivery package with a maximum load of 5 kg can greatly shorten the one-way delivery time from 40 minutes to 8 minutes, effectively overcoming the complicated road conditions and the problems caused by traffic congestion in urban areas, greatly improving the delivery efficiency and cutting time. Flexible mid- and short-haul end-of-sale customer demand in the city.

As a DHL partner, Yihang Airlines has officially entered the DHL Americas Innovation Center. In May 2019, China's earliest and most experienced international air express delivery company, DHL International Air Express Co., Ltd. and Yihang Intelligent signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Guangzhou, and released the first fully automatic intelligent drone logistics in China. Solutions to address the last delivery challenge in China's urban areas. The first drone distribution service route from Sinotrans DHL is located in the Liaobu Service Center in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, to the Songshan Lake Area. The flight distance is about 8 kilometers. The most advanced intelligent drone developed by Yihang Airlines is the space flight. The Falcon logistics drone is delivered.

At the same time, as part of the fully automated intelligent drone logistics solution, the specially developed DHL intelligent cabinet can automatically and cooperatively communicate with the drone, and can realize the automatic take-off and landing of the drone. Automatic loading and unloading, automatic sorting of shipments and a series of intelligent functions based on identity comparison and real-name authentication.

EffiBot robot


The EffiBot is a fully automatic electric vehicle that can carry heavy loads weighing over 590 kg. The front sensor helps EffiBot track an order for a person to pick items in the entire warehouse. The goods are loaded on the robot. France-based Effidence won the 2016 DHL Robotics Challenge with its EffiBot automatic delivery robot.

Automatic pallet truck


Equipped with Vecna Robotics' autonomous navigation technology, security level features and intuitive user interface. Vecna pallet trucks can assist with a variety of pick-up and storage applications in warehouses and e-commerce distribution centers. The exhibition also shows videos of various Vecna robots working at the DHL International Distribution Center in Germany. Vecna is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Seegrid AGV


Headgrid AGV, used in the DHL supply chain warehouse facility, is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, and is a vision-guided vehicle developed by Seegrid. It has an expanded manufacturing, distribution and e-commerce company that automates material handling capabilities.

Locus Robotics automatic mobile robot


The Locus Robot is a star robot in the DHL warehouse that works in tandem with warehouse staff to help locate and transport picking goods quickly. With it, the picker does not have to carry or carry the box, and the distance to walk in the warehouse is also shortened. These robots are often used for e-commerce operations. The DHL supply chain first tested the Locus robot in 2017 and is now used in many plants in the United States. Locus Robotics is headquartered in Wilmington, MA.

Robotic arm demonstration at the DHL Americas Innovation Center


The robotic arm was tested by a DHL e-commerce solution at a distribution center in the United States, primarily for cargo picking.

Wearable device KINETIC REFLEX


KINETIC REFLEX is a smart wearable device that reduces the incidence of workplace injuries. The REFLEX is equipped with accelerometers and gyroscopes. When the user wears them around the waist, KineTIc Reflex detects high-risk movements made by workers, such as lifting objects by bending over rather than bending the knees. When a high-risk condition is detected, it alerts the user to a good posture by a slight vibration and a warning message on the screen. Currently, the device is mainly used by DHL Express. Over time, workers can use REFLEX to improve their biomechanics, reducing injuries and improving health. Kinetic is headquartered in New York.

3D printer

The DHL Innovation Center showcases 3D printers to let customers know about the technology and how it fits into the current supply chain. Although customers may use 3D printers to print spare parts, DHL provides the materials needed to print these parts.

StreetScooter electric car


StreetScooter is an all-electric vehicle developed by DHL in cooperation with Ford to meet the demand for electric vehicles in urban areas. The first test was started in 2012 and started in 2013. On September 6, 2019, the market leaders of the German postal subsidiary StreetScooter GmbH and the electric light commercial vehicle (eLCV) signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese automaker Chery Holding Group (Chery). It is planned to develop an electric light utility vehicle in selected countries. The mass production program starts in 2021 and has an annual production capacity of 100,000 electric vehicles.

Technology changes logistics, logistics changes life. Whether it is unmanned logistics or drone logistics, it is the trend of the times. In recent years, UAV logistics has attracted much attention as a typical representative of the intelligent development of the logistics industry. The upgrade of the distribution mode, the efficiency of express logistics, including the "end distribution" problem, the drone logistics show a strong technical advantage. The innovative solutions of 'UAV+Logistics Express' will be promoted and landed in more places in the future, becoming an important part of the city's airborne traffic.

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