Accelerated development of China's smart logistics: commercial logistics standardization and unitized logistics

Standardization of Trade and Logistics: After several years of vigorous efforts by the Ministry of Commerce to promote the pilot demonstration of commercial logistics standardization, vigorously promote the standardization of pallets and the recycling of pallets, and promote the logistics box turnover box, freight vehicle compartments, freight containers, shelf positions, loading and unloading equipment, Standardization of product specifications such as packaging boxes has promoted the standardization of product packaging modules, activated the market mechanism for the development of unitized logistics, and laid a good foundation for the full implementation of unitized logistics.

In 2018, on the basis of the standardization of “objects”, the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China promoted the standardization work from standard cargo units to metering units, information units, and ordering units, based on the standardization of “materials”. Assignment, promote the full implementation of the GS1 coding standard, promote the integration of logistics, information flow and business flow, and promote the construction of a supply chain system based on unitization. In 2018, the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China also officially released the "Opinions on Promoting Standardized Tray Development Unitized Logistics" with 9 ministries. The release of this opinion blew the horn of unitized logistics. Based on the above work, it is expected that the commercial logistics standardization and unitized logistics will accelerate in 2019.

Unitized logistics and unitized logistics are the basis for improving the quality and efficiency of the logistics industry. Under the vigorous promotion of the Ministry of Commerce, the current standardization of pallets has achieved great results, and unitized logistics has penetrated the hearts of the people, driving a series of standardization and unitized logistics around pallets. Innovation. For example, the socialized pallet cycle sharing open system has been promoted, and the innovation in unitized logistics transportation in the transportation sector has made breakthroughs. The application of the agricultural super-docking fresh fruit and vegetable turnover box has achieved great results. Especially in the case of unitized container transportation, since the transportation of the box can greatly reduce the transportation cost and realize the pre-sorting, it has been favored by some transportation companies, creating a new transportation mode and an innovative unicorn. enterprise.

For example, Mofang IOT builds a new ecosystem of intelligent logistics with connected vehicle suppliers, pallet service providers, logistics companies and product manufacturing companies with standardized pallets as the unit, and builds an intelligent and convenient “Internet of Things +” cloud service platform to build wisdom. The new mode of logistics shows the new value of smart logistics. It is expected that the innovative mode of unitized logistics in 2019 will cause widespread concern in the society. The innovative unicorn enterprises will develop rapidly, which will drive China's unitized logistics development into a new stage.

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