What are the main differences between WMS and traditional warehousing?

The information technology "cloud warehousing" in warehouse management is: cloud warehousing (WMS) for third-party logistics. WMS is the abbreviation of Warehouse Management System. Warehouse management system is through warehousing, outbound business, warehouse transfer. Such functions, comprehensive batch management, material correspondence, inventory counting and real-time inventory management functions are integrated to manage the system, effectively control and track the logistics of the warehouse business, and achieve complete enterprise warehouse information management. The system can perform inventory operations independently and can be combined with other system documents and documents to provide more complete and comprehensive enterprise warehouse management information.

At present, many of the traditional warehousing have been replaced by WMS, or some traditional warehousing is slowly changing to the direction of Yuncang, so what is the difference between the two, where is WMS?

In general, it can be divided into the following four reasons:

First, in terms of warehouse management, self-operated e-commerce needs to spend a lot of time and labor costs in warehouse allocation. Sometimes, in the face of the flow of people, it is necessary for them to spend more time to recruit and train the corresponding talents. After being handed over to a third-party supply chain management company, these problems can be solved. This will undoubtedly reduce the manpower and time costs for e-commerce.

Second, in the management experience, many e-commerce companies do not have professional management personnel responsible for warehouse management for professional management. The third-party warehousing company is equipped with corresponding professional management personnel and has rich experience in warehouse management to ensure the efficiency and quality of the service.

Third, in terms of risk loss, the e-commerce operator who chooses to operate from the company needs to bear all risks in the preservation and damage of the goods. But if you can hand over the warehousing to a professional third-party warehousing company, then the company can share the risk and share its concerns.

Fourth, On the occasion of the online shopping promotion event day, the pressure on orders faced by e-commerce stores has suddenly increased by a dozen times. Self-operated e-commerce companies are not only facing shortages of personnel, but also by buyers. Unlimited urging or even not tolerant returns. But if the warehousing has been handed over to a professional supply chain management company, then all problems can be solved. The company is equipped with a number of experienced management professionals to organize the management, simplifying the multiple steps of the past delivery and delivery, and helping them all.

The above is the current advantage of WMS compared with traditional warehousing, and is a good choice for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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