The ways to carry out the warehousing items

At present, most of the warehousing items are carried out manually, especially when the goods are unloaded on the transport vehicle, there is a lack of a kind of storage manipulator to load and unload the goods quickly. Therefore, some enterprises have the idea of using intelligent manipulators in warehousing. However, from the point of view of the overall market, the use of manipulator in storage still needs to be developed for a period of time, and the accuracy and flexibility of the manipulator need to be further improved.


At present, UAV is not widely used in the field of logistics, which mainly concentrated in the terminal distribution link, warehousing link.


In warehousing, UAV is small and flexible, can shuttle back and forth in the middle of shelf, and is equipped with camera equipment to connect with the control center to send the data back to the control center. The staff of the control center can distinguish whether the shelf goods are placed accurately according to the color returned by the UAV. This method not only has high accuracy, high efficiency, but also saves a lot of manpower.


In addition, in addition to the inspection function, warehousing UAV also has the function of carrying goods, as well as the task of collecting data, monitoring inventory, operating forklift, updating the company's warehouse management system and so on.


However, the application of warehousing inspection drone in China is still in its infancy.