The technical trends of automatic sorting system

Automatic transportation and sorting technology is mainly divided into two schools: one is the traditional automatic sorting system composed of transportation line and sorting mechanism, which is still developing in the aspects of product detail design and performance, such as combining the latest information technology and Internet of things technology to the direction of intelligence. Such as Luhui module with intelligent sorting system, modular design and assembly, flexible and easy to install, it can be customized according to demand, which is very suitable for e-commerce, express goods popular sorting center and distribution center sorting.


Automatic sorting and transportation system of group belt


At present, most automatic sorting machines need manual participation in some links, but the intensity of the operation has become smaller and smaller, and the sorting operation is completely completed by machinery. Mechanization, automation and intelligence have become the main characteristics of modern sorting system. At present, the types of automatic sorting equipment are diverse, and the sorting efficiency has reached its high efficiency, fast, stable and high quality level, which is also the result of science and technology promoting the development of equipment.


In the future, the sorting system will greatly reduce the manual demand in the sorting process, improve the sorting efficiency and automation, and greatly improve the sorting accuracy. With the improvement of big data algorithm, the information of express mail is gradually standardized, the intelligent control system is integrated, and the sorting system will become the product of the transformation of logistics industry from labor-intensive industry to batch intelligence. Due to the modularization of production and manufacturing, it is cheaper for enterprises to build systems for customers, and it is also beneficial for customers to adjust the layout of the system according to their own needs.