The intelligent AMR and AGV

First, the AMR is similar to autopilot. In the dark, the AMR sensor-the camera is its "eye". Second, it does not have to lay tracks, does not need to modify the environment, and is more flexible, so the deployment cost of the warehouse is lower. Now 5G has entered the commercial stage, and the founder and CEO of smart technology believes that under the addition of 5G, the communication bandwidth is larger, the real-time performance of data feedback is stronger, and synchronization will be realized at the second level or millisecond level in the future.


Intelligent AGV forklift includes tray forklift AGV, wide foot pile high forklift AGV, without foot pile high forklift AGV. The logistics turnover of stack pallet goods is composed of hydraulic lifting system, differential drive system, PLC control system, guidance system, communication system, warning system, operating system and power supply. It is a programmable wireless dispatching automatic guide car which integrates hydraulic lifting and PLC control.


At present, China ranks at the forefront of forklift sales. After entering 2018, the forklift industry still maintains a strong trend. A total of 196600 forklifts were sold from January to April 2018, an increase of 21.42 percent over the same period last year.


Because the selection of workers and the stacking of goods is a mechanical and repetitive action, the automatic picking system mentioned above has greatly improved the selection efficiency. Similarly, with the rapid development of science and technology, the manipulator is also evolution. Compared with the human arm, the biggest difference between the manipulator and the human arm lies in flexibility and tolerance.