The development directions of manufacturing supply chain innovation



In the future, the application of lean supply chain and other management technologies in the manufacturing industry will improve the whole chain supply chain system from R & D design, production and after-sales service, so that the upstream and downstream enterprises of the supply chain can realize the cooperative purchase. The specialized division of the small and medium-sized enterprises can quickly respond to the needs of the customers, shorten the production cycle and the time of the new products, and reduce the production and operation and transaction costs.




In the future, the establishment of service-oriented manufacturing public service platform will be helpful for manufacturing enterprises to develop producer services based on supply chain, expand collaborative R & D, crowdsourcing design, solution and other professional services to the upstream of supply chain, extend remote diagnosis, maintenance, warehousing logistics, technical training, financial leasing, consumer credit and other value-added services to the downstream of supply chain, and transform from manufacturing supply chain to industrial service supply chain, to upgrade the value chain of the manufacturing industry.




In the future, the application of perceptual technology in the key nodes of manufacturing supply chain will promote the sharing of information in the whole chain and realize the visualization of supply chain, while the application of human-computer intelligent interaction, industrial robot, intelligent factory, intelligent logistics and other technologies and equipment will greatly improve the agile manufacturing ability of manufacturing supply chain.