The changes in market demand of automatic sorting system

Automatic sorting system is an important branch of material handling system, which is widely used in production logistics system or logistics distribution center in various industries. With the gradual deepening of commodity economy, social demand shows the trend of small batch, multi-variety direction, distribution of goods types and quantities increase sharply, which makes people have higher quality requirements for sorting, and with the development of science and technology, the development of automatic sorting technology also presents a leap of quantitative change to qualitative change.


In the aspect of market application, with the rapid development of logistics industry, especially the outbreak of business in e-commerce, express delivery and other industries, as well as the rising labor costs, the market of automatic transportation and sorting equipment has exploded.


From the point of view of application industry, the biggest increase in demand for transportation and sorting system in recent years is undoubtedly the postal express industry. There is no doubt that the great development of e-commerce in China has directly led to the rapid growth of express package volume. During the "double 11" period in 2018, the main ecommerce enterprises produced a total of 1.352 billion express logistics orders throughout the day, and 416 million packages were processed by postal and express enterprises throughout the day, setting a new logistics record and delivery speed.


Under the condition that the order quantity is increasing year by year, the automatic rapid sorting technology is used to replace a large number of manual sorting, which not only reduces the labor cost, but also greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of sorting operation. The multi-variety, small batch and high frequency characteristics of e-commerce package distribution are the basis of promoting the rapid growth of market demand of automatic sorting system.