The basic requirements of modern supply chain management

(1) Information resource sharing. The information is the main backing of the modern competition. The supply chain management adopts the modern science and technology method, and the information is rapidly and accurately transmitted through the optimal circulation channel, and the resource sharing between the supply chain and the enterprise is realized.


(2) Improve the quality of service and expand the demand of customers. In supply chain management, it works together around the concept of "customer-centered". Most consumers require the shorter lead time to provide products and services, so the supply chain management greatly shortens the circulation cycle of products and speeds up the speed of logistics distribution through the overall cooperation between internal, external and process enterprises of production enterprises, so that the personalized needs of customers can be met in the shortest time.


(3) Achieve a win-win situation. Supply chain management connects supply chain suppliers, distributors, retailers and so on, and optimizes them, so that each related enterprise forms a converged network as a whole, in which each enterprise still maintains its individual characteristics. But they work together to maximize the overall interests and achieve win-win results. In the development of supply chain management, some people predict that in the future production and circulation, enterprises will not be seen, but only supply chain will be seen. The supply chain of production and circulation will become the main way of modern production and circulation.