Technical advantages of AGV Robot in 5G era - further development of "mobile production line"

With the development and application of the industrial Internet of things, the network will be closely linked with the physical system, that is, the Internet of things will connect the processors and sensors of the production site, so that the robots can communicate with each other, and the work of machines and people will no longer be strictly divided, and the future manufacturing system will integrate people and machines.


One of the core of the organization and execution of industrial production is logistics. The industrial logistics should be divided into two parts: one is the change in production, the realization of industrial 4.0, to achieve a high degree of automation, highly information, in which high automation is based on the execution of system data, and high informatization is network, that is, the transmission of data. Therefore, if industrial enterprises want to improve to the level of industrial 4.0, they need a series of inputs, and this input is sequential. Relatively speaking, the investment of industrial equipment and network system is very large, and it is necessary to model the whole data of the enterprise before putting into these systems. Analyze the market and combine with the enterprise Their own situation to establish the direction of development, before we can carry out the next step of work. Based on the existing state and technical level of domestic enterprises, Steinder makes in-depth analysis and develops a set of data and execution system with AGV logistics system as the main body.


The second is transportation and storage in the traditional sense. That is, AGV aims at the internal raw material warehouse, the reserve library and the production product warehouse, including handling and code release, as well as the distribution of production line materials, the circulation of products, etc., followed by resource optimization, combined with the production handling demand, automatically assign the optimal robot to perform the task, work with the production logistics equipment efficiently, and effectively manage the automatic charging requirements. It not only meets the requirements of efficient transportation, but also achieves the purpose of cooperative cooperation.


With the acceleration of 5G commercial landing, intelligent factory, as an important scene of 5G technology, it is being vigorously developed. The 5G network will seamlessly connect production equipment to meet the needs of equipment interconnection and remote interactive applications in industrial environment. With the continuous coverage of high reliability network, mobile robots will not be restricted in the mobile process, and reach all locations on demand. Uninterrupted work and smooth switching of work content in various scenarios.