New Development of Logistics Industry

At present, the industrial revolution marked by intelligence is sweeping the whole logistics industry, which brings it a great opportunity to accelerate its development.


The vigorous development of new generation information technology, such as mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, Internet of things and so on, is promoting the reform of intelligent logistics in China. It can be said that the emergence of intelligent logistics is a change to the business model brought about by scientific and technological progress, the most important of which is to highlight the promotion and support of new technology to the development of the industry.


Intelligent logistics is based on digitization and intensive demand, and will eventually form an open and shared platform. From the management route, it should be based on the management of the whole supply chain to form a complete new logistics ecosystem, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing cost and increasing efficiency, symbiosis and win-win.


Digital logistics requires that every element of logistics can be digitized, and each element can be identified, accessed, supervised and traced back. When each logistics element is digitized, logistics becomes a visual process.


At the same time, the block chain plays a very important role in the logistics industry. From the technical point of view, the block chain is not a single technology, but a variety of technology integration results, including the consensus algorithm of block chain, the encryption algorithm, the distributed ledger and other core technologies, and has great innovative application value in the logistics industry, in which the consensus algorithm can solve the trust problem, the encryption algorithm can let the data not be modified and viewed, the larger privacy is maintained, and the distributed account book can guarantee the maximum safety and reliability of the data.